Percy Whitlock’s Bournemouth Song to be heard again

The St Stephen’s Church May Festival is to feature the Song of Bournemouth “by popular request”.

Last year the festival included Percy Whitlock’s long forgotten song to mark the town’s bi-centenary. The audience joined in and there was a huge ovation afterwards.

This year the  Song of Bournemouth will be the climax of the Choral Concert on Sunday 1 May. The orchestral parts by Whitlock have recently been found in the BSO archives so on May Day a soloist will sing the verses and the audience will join in the refrain:

Bournemouth, Pride of the South, we sing in praise of thee, /Of giant pines and shady pines, fair garden by the sea. /We glory in the beauties, we breathe thy fragrant air /Bournemouth, Pride of the South, our home so wondrous fair.

The concert, in the presence of the Mayor, is at 7pm on Sunday 1 May at St Stephen’s Church; ticket £12.

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